About Us

My name is Jordyn and I am the founder of EZ School of Mandarin.  I love teaching and started in coffee shops.  In coffee shops I couldn’t teach the way I wanted and realized there was always a struggle to find a consistent quiet environment.  Then my students had to buy coffee to justify sitting in a coffee shop.  I realized the right thing to do for my students was to provide a great teaching environment.  It turned out that the cost of lessons in my office resulted in 50% faster learning.  So the real price of the wrong environment costs much more than my private class room.


Since founding the school I now have five different teachers and three class rooms.  The teachers are always swapping ideas to maximize learning and enjoyment.  We combine classroom and real world.  Memorizing books doesn’t help you when you are in the stores, restaurants and markets.  And without the classroom you can’t learn to get started.  So we take text book learning and make sure you know the real world situations.


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