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Learn Chinese Mandarin in Taipei, Taiwan

Jordyn's School of Mandarin

We make learning Chinese, fun, straight forward and rewarding.Watch yourself achieve results while getting the best value that you deserve.

Our training school combines the best teachers, with our effective and proven strategies along with the perfect, balanced environment to learn.


To provide a favorable learning condition.

We teach in a comfortable, quiet studio. With three private class rooms for a quality one-on-one experience, we combine white board sessions, text books, conversations, and acting through real world situations. And we can balance this with outside experiences right outside our door at the many stores and shops where we observe and coach your performance. This is the environment you need to learn Chinese – practice in the quiet classroom and prove it on the street.

Coffee shops classes are noisy with distractions, seating is limited and your learning will be limited. Learning with us you get the balance of a quiet classroom, text book, conversations and real experiences to fast track your learning.



"EZ Mandarin is a very good school with very good teachers. They were very attentive to my needs and were friendly and fun to study with. Learning Mandarin can be a bit daunting and overwhelming at first if you have not studied similar languages before. However, you are in great hands if you choose EZ Mandarin school either way. The classes are structured very well and the teachers make the whole learning process fun and effective. I came to the school without any knowledge of speaking or l...


Why settle for less when you can learn
the right way at the most affordable value.


Our team has multiple teachers. All proven, with credentials that know how teach and make learning fun. We often rotate teachers so you can drill and practice with multiple speakers just like will occur when walking through shops. And we can setup group chats so you can participate in real conversations.

And if you like, we can take this experience to Internet teaching. If you’re not in Taipei we can still teach you with the white board behind us and Skype and your text book to get you going fast.